Invest Hero

Tenants succeed.
Investors succeed.
That’s the cycle of life here.

30 Years of Life Science Experience

Our extensive, longtime experience in the local life science real estate market drives tenant success and helps us generate impressive returns.

Bay Area Experts

We have deep expertise operating in the San Francisco Bay Area with access to leading universities, top life science companies and technology skills.

Vertically Integrated

We offer a full-range of services, including development, redevelopment, construction management, and asset and property management.

Mission Driven

We support and nurture the innovative companies who are lowering the cost of healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

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Corporate Strategy

The value equation: super-smart companies meeting worldwide needs.

Our unique approach to managing and cultivating life science properties reduces risk and delivers sustainable revenue for our investors.

We carefully vet our tenants’ business, management team, and VC funders to reduce failure and continue to improve tenant retention.

We help tenants succeed by putting our decades of life science experience into hands-on operational support, and further offering a diversity of locations, sizes and price points across the Bay Area so they can grow within our portfolio.

We design buildings with flexible, generic layouts that work for many types of life science tenants so they get occupied more quickly and tenant improvements cost less.

We‘re experts in adapting and re-using older properties to meet the latest market needs. We’re able to do this because of our thorough understanding of business trends and demographic patterns, local zoning and public policy initiatives.

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Current Investment Focus

We give old buildings a new chance to do good.

Right now, we’re focused on buying properties in prime locations with a current or up-and-coming life science presence. We’re looking for unexpected opportunities to use our knack for buying and repurposing different types of buildings, breathing new life into aging business parks and transforming these older properties into highly desirable life science spaces.

Current Investment Focus

Case Studies

Our process and
partnership in action.

The process of turning a warehouse distribution center into a state-of-the-art life science research and development facility presented us with some unique opportunities.