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The Tarlton Foundation Marks Its Fifth Year of Community Impact

Menlo Park, Calif. - February 15, 2024: The Tarlton Foundation, the non-profit arm of Tarlton Properties, today shared highlights of its impact in the local community in 2023, including funding for scholarship programs, grants for cancer research, and continued support of local organizations.

The Tarlton Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on cancer research and educational initiatives. The organization was founded in 2019 by Tarlton Properties CEO John Tarlton, who’s had a long commitment to supporting the latest advances in cancer research as well as investing in the local community, along with Elizabeth Krietemeyer, Tarlton Senior Vice President of Operations and Tarlton Foundation President.

Highlights of the Tarlton Foundation’s’ 2023 impact include:

- Awarded five scholarships to college students through partnerships with the Rotary Club of Menlo Park and the Peninsula College Fund, bringing the total to 17 scholarships over the past three years

- Hosted 4 blood drives on the Menlo Park Labs campus that generated nearly 133 units of blood, potentially saving hundreds of lives through Stanford Blood Center

- Hosted its first major fundraiser, raising over $200,000 for college scholarships

In the five years since its inception, the Tarlton Foundation has raised, donated, and pledged over $800,000 to benefit cancer research and local organizations, touching tens of thousands of lives through participation in scholarship programs, blood drives, food drives, toy drives, and community events.

The Tarlton Foundation will also host its next fundraiser event this September to raise awareness for the organization and to support its college scholarship programs.

“In 2023, the Tarlton Foundation stepped up our fundraising efforts with our first Gala Fundraiser, raising over $200,000 for scholarships for Belle Haven students,” said Krietemeyer. “We’re excited for another big year of supporting our local community with scholarships and other high-impact programs.”

‍About the Tarlton Foundation

Founded in 2019, the Tarlton Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on cancer research and educational initiatives. The organization has become a growing community movement since originating with the philanthropic efforts of John Tarlton and Tarlton Properties to support cancer research. The Tarlton Foundation supports a number of initiatives in its work, with a key focus on innovations in cancer research and supporting the next generation of scientists from our community. For more information, please visit tarltonfoundation.org.